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small post + commissions? 
Jun 23 10
hi ya'll this is a small post because i figure i'd post these instead of just deleting them. i'm also posting because i want to try commissions once more. but it will be a little different. click below to view more!


- i'd like to try payment through my paypal to test smaller transactions. :') The price plans are as follows:

♣20 icons + 2 banners = 5 dollars
♣30 icons + 1 banner = 8 dollars
♣35 icons + 2 banners = 12 dollars

We can discuss this in comments if you're interested. I'm just honestly trying to pick up my income a little bit more because I have a website project coming up.

(Deleted comment)
Jun 23 10 (UTC)
Jun 29 10 (UTC)
A herpderp.

I'd be interested. Would you accept just general HAVE THIS COMIC, DO WHAT YOU WILL WITH IT requests? I feel the need to spread Shadowpact (and maybe Irredeemable/Incorruptible) love to the world and am lacking in effort.
Jun 29 10 (UTC)
Oh jeez, I was actually looking into reading Shadowpact *___* What do you mean, just a set amount of icons of a specific subject or?
Jun 29 10 (UTC)
I would just send you some issues (I've got all 25 issues + Day of Vengeance already uploaded, if you want 'em?) and you could pick and choose who/what to icon, since I love all the characters.

Derenick's art is more cleanly inked in it, so it's easier to screw around with than Reign in Hell (which I also have uploaded, if do want?).
Jun 29 10 (UTC)
I'd love the Shadowpact stuff.

God, yea I tried iconing Reign in Hell which was just....gah. Such a bitch to color. But sure, send 'em over or I can find downloads and work on 'em tonight
Jun 29 10 (UTC)
I'll PM you in a sec.

Didn't help that a lot of the panels were less than lovely in perspective, either.

What specifically would you like sent to you for paid account stuff? I'm not really following LJ's new wtf token/whatever scheme.
Jun 30 10 (UTC)
Hi sorry about the delay! I'll download those issues and post 'em up.

I was actually wondering if maybe we can test my new paypal account? I'm pretty new to it so I wanted to try getting money sent over there? Its wigglytuffs@gmail.com or you can try here. I just set something up so IDK. D: Sorry if this seems kind of weird.

Edited at 2010-06-30 08:28 am (UTC)
Jun 30 10 (UTC)
Hey, no worries! Oh, Phil Noto icon. My one weakness!

No problem! I'm not sure if you use PP a lot, but they've had this problem recently where the 'notes' sent with it aren't showing up on the transaction page (because they're idiots) and apparently ~aren't sure how to fix it/when it will be fixed~

Not weird at all. Probably more convenient for you. You can do whatever you want with the money in any way you want, in particular. But uh, totally take your time. No rush. My life will not end if I don't get icons in a month or whatever.
Jun 30 10 (UTC)
Oh, and if you're unaware? If someone sends you a payment under the "purchase" category rather than "personal," Paypal charges a small fee (usually no more than $2, unless it's from another country). However, you forfeit any rights to a claim/dispute if you do it as personal.
Jun 30 10 (UTC)
I've only had like 1 transaction, lmao. It was of like 20 dollars so I wanted to test out the smaller money transactions as well.

I'm downloading them now so I'll be working on them throughout the day as I just woke up. :)

And THATS what that was? Ugh. I know I did a customized layout for someone on Tumblr for 15 dollars, and I was only sent like 13.50 out of it.. I didn't know there was a way to avoid that. Thanks so much for the heads up! x_x
Jun 30 10 (UTC)
Well, I didn't help too much, I guess.

NP. Do what you will! Banners are unnecessary unless you feel ~inspired~, and feel free to make them shareable or whatever. Unless I really really like one, then I think I might ask for exclusivity because I'm terrible.

Chyeah! Here is a calculator for them, but uh. Probably isn't as much help now. :/
Jun 30 10 (UTC)
No no no!! It's absolutely fine. You've helped me more then you know. :)

Yup, I'll try some splash pages banners if theres any to use.

Jun 30 10 (UTC)
Excellent! I can't imagine how much they make off of unsuspecting people just like, giving their family's gifts or whatever. :/

Aces. Now, I believe I will go get some coffee and chill. Have a lovely day!
Jun 30 10 (UTC)
Seriously! I feel a little betrayed off of it because a lot of people did not and will not know. =/

But thanks so much again, and hope you have a great day too! I've already started on these icons. I'll probably do 50 or so since you've been so wonderful. :)
Jun 30 10 (UTC)
It should have been like LJ's crap when they changed it and you had to click "okay," or "no, thanks," or whatever to continue. They know people don't read their textwalls for anything ever.

Better make room, then~ Goodbye mine, hello, yours!
Jul 09 10 (UTC)
Hey! Just letting you know your icons will be done this weekend. I was getting them all together and then my computer had some problems [which are fixed now, thank god]. Just figured I'd give you an update!
Jul 09 10 (UTC)
S'cool. I figured you were good for your word. Taaaaake your time. o/
Jul 12 10 (UTC)
And donzo! Official Icon Post. :D hope they're up to par. ,If you want me to rework any of them, let me know!
Jul 10 10 (UTC)
hi! i found this one on the internet and the user said it was from you. can you tell me the source? http://l-userpic.livejournal.com/98569362/1477774
Jul 11 10 (UTC)
thank you very much! :)
Jul 12 10 (UTC)
I kind of want to commission you to help you out but I have no idea what I'd even want done! I'm no help, clearly. I'm awful at picking comics/artists/etc. :[ Do you do other stuff besides icons? Like headers/tumblr or twitter backgrounds/wallpapers? I don't know, I'd just like to help out if you still need it, sweetie!
Jul 12 10 (UTC)
AW honey, thats absolutely sweet! I'm still shocked people are willing to help me. :) It shows how nice people are!

I actually do do tumblr layouts/graphics. I work with a GREAT artist (curiousintent.tumblr.com) who does commissions for sketches, and I apply it to the layout. You can check out alakazamed.tumblr.com for samples of layouts/graphics I've done with him. It's 100% customizable, you request whatever you want however you want it (like Black Canary sitting on a wall as the header) or something similar and he can do it for you!

Nov 25 12 (UTC)
Took a bunch~ thank you ^_^
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