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yup an update. this is mostly a SHADOWPACT post considering I got… 
Jul 12 10
yup an update. this is mostly a SHADOWPACT post considering I got commissioned on it (they're still open in my previous post if ya wanna help a sistah outtt). they were really fun to make and the series was so much fun to read. post also includes some secret six and wonder woman

Jul 12 10 (UTC)
gurl it feels like it has been forever and a half

I've never read Shadowpact, but now I feel like I have to hahaha

also I will be taking those Thomas icons yes yes
Jul 12 10 (UTC)
Yes. I am particularly in love with the Ragman one.

Thanks muchly. :)
Jul 12 10 (UTC)
I KIND OF FELL IN LOVE WITH HIM? I didn't want to constantly icon Ragman, but now I must!
Jul 12 10 (UTC)
Wasn't too fond of that issue's artist (Shawn MacManus, I believe?), but he's just so awkward and dorky and just NO ONE REMEMBERS MY NAME HGALKDSJFASDFHH that I fell in love with him. I wasn't too big on his pre-Crisis counterpart (Vietnam vet that was all scarred up and crap), but I really love him.

Not digging his portrayal in Azrael (I think it's only sticking to that one issue?) and I'm hoping he doesn't go back to what he used to be now that Shadowpact's over. He'll probably just be filed away again sob.
Jul 12 10 (UTC)
i really liked how ragman was. i didnt like the artist too much either, but he got some of the weirder body movements down really well.

kfkdhgk i hate when i JUST get into a character and then he's almost ruined ;_;
Jul 12 10 (UTC)
Yeah, agreed. Though I'm honestly just happy that DC's trying out different styles. I mean, as much as I like Ed Benes, I don't need sixty other artists that imitate him. I love Derenick (who did most of the series and thankfully, was inked and colored v. cleanly in this) and Justiano.

Oh, yeah, man. He was in some issues of Robin (and then Red Robin, I believe), during the publication of Shadowpact and they were fantastically lulzy. The whole Shadowpact hasn't really been anywhere since these issues. They showed up in Suicide Squad (both Nightshade and Enchantress were members in the '80s) and... Action Comics? The Atom second feature, but it was literally for a few pages. Nightshade was also in Secret Six, I think? Directly after it, they were mostly all in Reign in Hell, too. That was like, the last major thing with them in it.

I'm really pissed that Nightmaster was written out of continuity. It wasn't until I re-read it a second time (or third, with skipping a bunch of issues) that I really became fond of him. He's charming in that "I'm so normal," sort of way. Like a less sugar-coated Clark Kent? Idk.

Hi, I am Lucy and I textwall about B, C, and D-List magic-using superheroes.
Jul 12 10 (UTC)
It just sucks that theyre kept to little bits of guest appearances every here and there. And a lot of the time, theyre written out of character or not to their standard. /says this as a fan of Jesse Quick who hardly got any respect until JSA

HI. I'm Jasmine. I fangirl about most likely any females so its ok :D
Jul 12 10 (UTC)
DC does a really crappy job of promoting their magic users, I feel. :/ ...Haha, as a Zee fan, I can relate to that statement. It's hilarious that Paul Dini gets all the credit for bringing her back into the limelight, yet he's the one that writes the most inconsistent portrayal(s) of her. /baww JSA, no one loves you ;;

That's because they're hot. I cannot fault you for this.
Jul 12 10 (UTC)
Ugh. Zee was 100% different before Paul Dini. I mean, sure his Zee is nice, but I've read her all the way back from her origins; and she was not like she was. She was more soft spoken and insecure. =/

Jul 13 10 (UTC)
Yeah. I've read almost every issue she's been in! (I know I'm missing a good chunk from the '90s, but that's excusable). I get that characters change and are written differently, but prior to his writing, she was very well-liked by everyone (hell, even Hawkman smiled around her) and just a total peach. It's saying something when Morrison does a better job writing for a character he's only written for for a few pages in the past than he does. I mean, I appreciate what he does for her, but idgi. If he loves her so much, wouldn't he want to keep her how she is?

Naww. How else could he add in a ~rugged self-insert with a porn star name~?
Jul 13 10 (UTC)
Yup! Everyone in the league LOVED her. Hell, she was even voted the JLA chairwoman (that people always tend to forget). Barry had quite the crush on her, and the Atom was keen on her too.

I think he just wants to write how a woman in fishnets would be in the modern world; confident and smart mouthed. But sometimes, his dialouge is over the top and generic (especially in Gotham City Sirens). He's living out HIS fantasies and fetishes a tad bit too much...

Jul 13 10 (UTC)
God, she was chairwoman for like, a decade, too, right? I think it was JL Detroit that killed all street cred/normalcy for her. Everyone loved her. She was a bit quippy and dorky, but not overly so. I think most writers these days are just making all characters sort of generic in terms of personality and it slides by as long as cute banter fits in somewhere.

I have to agree entirely on this. Though, honestly, I was hoping she'd head over to Vertigo like Madame X did (though I'm still very on the fence about that series -- I'm not particularly fond of her being over-powered, overly-flirtatious, and fangirling the Stranger constantly), but I guess that's just how it goes.

The thing I bitch about most is that she finally got some character development going in Reign in Hell and Blackest Night when it comes to her father, and Dini has to bring him back. She's finally moved on and he goes for tired old crap -- and didn't even make use of Tannarak. I really hope that the only reason Tannarak isn't the main antagonist is due to licensing difficulties, because he's a perfectly interesting character.
Jul 13 10 (UTC)
As we've said before... DC just doesn't know how to write magic users. I hope Gail gets her hands on Zee and does SOME stuff for her like she did for Black Alice. I know a lot of the time, they just seem over powered but its hard for them to even do a full story without someone fixing it with a backwards spell, etc etc.
Jul 13 10 (UTC)
Nn, yeah. That was my initial hope prior to her series being officially announced. I feel that's sort of why the Sentinels of Magic should have their own series and own villains -- preferably with a capable writer like Willingham. He was able to hand characters (like Ragman and his SOUL-EATING SUIT) delicately and create enemies that had powers that made it so there couldn't be a quick-fix. They started to make a real point of the price of magic, but somewhere along the lines forgot to keep it up, which sucks.

Though part of my love for DCU's magicians are that they aren't full-time heroes, that they all have their struggles and really have a hard time coming to grips with their abilities, let alone dealing with villains of the magical and demonic variation.
Jul 13 10 (UTC)
Nov 25 12 (UTC)
Snagged all the WW icons~ thank you!
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