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yup an update. this is mostly a SHADOWPACT post considering I got commissioned on it (they're still open in my previous post if ya wanna help a sistah outtt). they were really fun to make and the series was so much fun to read. post also includes some secret six and wonder woman

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I'll be taking commissions (AKA paid time for custom graphics) since I really can't get the money for livejournal purposes. This is the first time I'm doing this, so yeah. D;

30 icons + 1 custom 'big' graphic (friends only, banner, user info) - 5$ / 2 months paid time @ zatanna

20 icons + 2 custom 'big' graphics (friends only, banner, user info) - 6$ 2 months paid userpics (3 packages) @ zatanna

Once we come to an agreement, we can discuss transaction, image urls, specifications, and etc. etc. THANKS TO ANYONE WHO HELPS. :3

Note: I do not do manga scans. I can only provide quality graphics with quality images.

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yup.another quick update since i'll be busy this week/weekend. this is mostly iron man 1 & 2 icons. a few of the icon compositions are inspired by some pic spams on tumblr. there are comic icons in addition to some street fighter icons

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hiii. i figured i'd post these before i go and let them rot away. i'm not fond of my coloring for my comic icons..but ugh, i'll get back in the groove for them i guess. mostly pokemon + comics.

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